Freeport, nestled on the rough-hewn edges of the Corsair Seas, is a city unlike any other. A coastal jewel devoid of walls, where the salty sea breeze intertwines with the clamor of trade and the murmur of adventure, the city stands as a vibrant beacon of freedom and opportunity. No fortifications constrict its teeming life or pulsating energy; rather, it thrives in the unyielding dance between order and chaos, in the intermingling of sea, sky, and the bustling cityscape.

The city's large, sprawling harbor is its heart. It pulses with the ebb and flow of hundreds of ships each day, vessels laden with exotic goods from distant lands, returning home with cargoes brimming with the produce of Freeport's own industries. Its wharfs and piers sprawl out like a spider's web, lively and loud, echoing with the cacophonous symphony of bartering merchants, shouting dockworkers, and creaking ships.

From the harbor's bristling activity rise the multi-hued buildings of Freeport, a kaleidoscope of styles and influences, with slender towers flanking squat, resilient warehouses, and intricate, gilded manors neighboring humble, weathered shacks. Aroma-laden breezes waft from open-air markets filled with vibrant colors and rare delicacies, while hidden alleyways whisper of secret deals and clandestine plots.

Freeport is ruled not by a single monarch, but by a council of merchants, the Coinlords, as they are known. These self-made magnates have risen from the city's cutthroat business world, wielding not swords, but ledgers and contracts. Their rule is pragmatic and liberal, encouraging trade and commerce with a light touch. Laws are crafted to protect trade and ensure the city's prosperity. Yet, despite the appearance of unity, fierce rivalries simmer beneath the surface, as each Coinlord jockeys for influence and wealth, creating a labyrinthine network of alliances and enmities.

The residents of Freeport are as diverse as the cargo passing through its port. Driven merchants, hardened sailors, roguish pirates, daring adventurers, and mystics from across the realms all find a home here. The city thrives on its inhabitants' individualism, ambition, and the thrill of what tomorrow might bring on the tide.

For those seeking adventure, Freeport is an alluring destination. Dark secrets hide in the city's depths, ancient mysteries whisper from the sea, and tales of hidden treasures echo in the taverns. In Freeport, danger and opportunity are two sides of the same golden coin. The city is a gateway to the unknown, inviting those with courage to venture into the unpredictable waves of the Corsair Seas or to navigate the treacherous undercurrents of the city itself.

In Freeport, every horizon promises a new story, every gust carries the scent of intrigue, and every tide brings change. Whether it's in the shadowed corners of the bustling marketplaces, the gleaming halls of the Coinlords, or the salty decks of ships sailing towards the unknown, adventure is never more than a heartbeat away.


~75,000 (with ~10,000 additional short-term residents)


Mixed; Strong Secular powerbase but temples to most of the Gods can be found here - Crom and the Scarlet Rogue having a mild majority of worshipers.  The Bard's College of Lady Corinette is also located in Freeport and draws large numbers artists from far and wide

Notable Events

The Shattered Age :  Settlement that resisted the influence of Feng and his minions during his ascendency

The Chosen : City was a stronghold for the Chosen during their rise; one of the of the endpoints during Sylvester and Gurkel's construction of the the Scarlet Road

The Wandering Eye : Remained largely secular during the Circle of the Eight Crisis

Notable NPCs, Groups or Powerbases

Coinlords: Merchant Rulers of the City

Thieves Guild: Common in most cities but the mercantile nature of the city creates a strong environment of Smuggling and Black Market dealings coordinated by a central guild.

Bard's College: Largest organization dedicated to the arts in the Free Lands and is well regarded beyond