Captain Cal

Basic Biography

Real Name: Calis “Captain” Cal

Race: Human

Classes: lvl 14 Druid

Family: None Known

Years Active: 9 A.T.R. and beyond

Religion: Stannis (Dedicated)

In the realms where ancient woods whisper tales of times immemorial, emerges the legend of Captain Cal, the Druid of Liberation. A fervent worshipper of the god Stannis, the embodiment of righteousness and freedom, Captain Cal wields his boundless druidic powers to challenge the oppressive shackles of the nefarious Empire.

Born amidst the echoes of the Wyrmwood, Captain Cal's essence intertwines with the eternal spirits of the land, resonating with the elemental harmony of nature. His heart, ablaze with the divine fire of Stannis, beats to the rhythm of unyielding freedom, kindling the flames of rebellion against the Imperial tyranny that enslaves myriad souls.

Captain Cal, his visage cloaked in shadows and his crescent staff whispering the secrets of the Enigma Tree, weaves the elements into a symphony of uprising, leading clandestine raids to emancipate the enslaved and obliterate Imperial foundations. The whispers of the wind carry his undying vow, the dance of the flames narrate his unbroken resolve, and his name becomes the beacon of hope for the subjugated, echoing through secret rebellious gatherings.

Known Associations:

Insurrectionist against the Empire

Contacts in Wintershield, Ferrum'Ganis, Estle-cross, Thronestadt

His "Mililtia"; 15-40 low level freedom fighters.