Port Oro


Port Oro is a town steeped in shadows, whispers, and age-old secrets. Nestled on the edge an untamed Jungle Island in the Corsair Seas, it provides a rough-hewn gateway for those bold or desperate enough to seek their fortunes in the island's exotic heart. This frontier port town has long been a beacon for explorers, archaeologists, and merchants, all drawn by tales of primordial beasts, lost civilizations, and riches that would beggar the imagination.

The town is composed of countless old stone buildings, each more weathered than the last. Moss clings to their grayed facades, while vine tendrils creep towards their weather-beaten rooftops, a stark reminder of the jungle's insatiable encroachment. Amid these, a large manor house stands with an air of grandeur that belies the town's rugged setting. This manor is home to the private library, a veritable treasure trove of maps, scrolls, and dusty tomes teeming with wisdom, ancient lore, and thrilling tales of high adventure. This repository of knowledge, curated by an eccentric and learned old sage, is a crucial resource for those venturing into the wilds of Jungle Island.

Despite the town's simple charm, danger lurks ever-present. The small harbor, filled with masts of merchant vessels, fishing boats, and explorers' ships, constantly bustles. Yet, beneath its routine din, there's an undercurrent of unease. Local creatures, both seen and unseen, attack with unsettling frequency. Fierce jungle cats stealthily pick off stragglers at the town's edges, while goblin raids, drawn by the scent of fresh supplies and loot, represent a constant threat. From the depths of the harbor, unseen marine creatures occasionally wreak havoc, disrupting trade and travel.

But it is the dark secrets of the jungle, with rumors of ancient gods and sentient beings with motives as wild as the forest they hail from, who present the greatest danger. They keep the town on its toes, their attacks unexpected and often brutal. As a result, the townsfolk have become rugged and resilient, ever-vigilant and ready to defend their home.

Port Oro is not for the faint-hearted. It is a nexus of danger and opportunity, an island of civilization in the midst of a vast and treacherous wilderness. Yet, for those willing to brave its challenges, it offers a chance for great discovery and even greater glory.


~1,200 Residents at any one time; roughly half being perminant residents.


The town has a strong maritime influence, thus worship of Beck is common and a small temple to him is maintained there.  As with other trade towns and merchant ports, worship of the Scarlet Rogue is also not unknown among those who work in the underworld.

Notable Events

The Wandering Eye : A powerful guild that once had a stronghold in the city, running establishments for gambling and other vices, before falling from power reasons not yet fully understood.  Had access to powerful magics to protect their holdings, influence among the erstwhile nobility and rare expertise in mimic breeding for the purpose of long term deterrence.

Notable NPCs, Groups or Powerbases

The Wandering Eye: An ancient guild that was believed wiped out long ago; rumors have begun to spread of it's return in recent years 

Thieves Guild: A small thieves guild that ran smuggling operations and conducted other petty crime.  Clashed with both the local guard and possibly a resurgent Wandering Eye 

Port Oro Meadery: Port Oro maintained a fairly large meadery for a town of it's size that produced a notable export for the town

Fabio and the Foamy Four: Popular band that was formed and began it's journey in the taverns of Port Oro

Port Oro Academic Society: [In-Progress]

Smugglers and Black Market fronts: [In-Progress]

Captain of the Guard: [In-Progress]

Goblin Tribes: [In-Progress]